Is Corrugated Cardboard Recyclable?

Is Corrugated Cardboard Recyclable?

When you are planning to move from one office to another, the first thing that comes to mind is how many corrugated cardboard boxes you need and how big they should be. After all, it would be ideal to get everything from point A to B in one trip, so you don’t have to worry about labour, gas, etc. But once everything has been taken out of their respective boxes, you can now clearly see the number of packaging materials that you need to deal with. Now, before looking for a cardboard recycling service provider, is corrugated cardboard recyclable?

What Is Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a durable packaging material that has generally been used to create boxes that are commonly known for moving purposes. Their sturdiness stems from the fact that they’re made up of three layers of paper: an outer liner, a fluted or corrugating medium in between, and an inner liner.

Recently, it has also been proven to be good for aesthetic purposes. Many of the point-of-purchase displays and standees that we see in grocery stores these days are made out of corrugated cardboard. There are also some furniture pieces now that use the same material because they are lightweight and easy to recycle.

Of course, this material is also well-known in the food packaging industry. Pizza chains use corrugated food boxes as they provide enough insulation and strength to keep the food warm during the delivery process. Many restaurants offering take-out deliveries have followed suit, considering cardboard is sturdier than foam or paper boxes.

How to Prepare Cardboard for Recycling

1. Empty the Boxes

When you intend to send the cardboard to a recycling facility, you need to make a conscious effort to make sure that they are clean and empty. Take a look through every box to make sure that you don’t have any items or personal belongings left inside. If you taped everything before moving, now is the best time to remove all the tape or labels used.

2. Flatten the Boxes

Since cardboard boxes are technically paper products, you can put them in the recycling bin that the local council provided to you. Still, ensure that everything fits in that bin by flattening every box before piling them. Not only will it be helpful for the collectors during transportation, but it will also allow you to put as many recyclables as possible.

3. Check With Local Waste Management Office

As you are in the process of filling your recycling bin, it will not hurt to inform your local council about it. That would also be an indirect way of asking them if what you are doing is okay for them. Although cardboard boxes are normally acceptable, it could still depend on if they can take them or if you need to drop them off yourself at their designated recycling facility.

Final Thoughts

Considering you have to deal with more cardboard than your local council would allow, the next best thing is to contact us so we can help you out. As a cardboard recycling company in Melbourne, we offer pickups, so you don’t have to worry about labour and transportation. You can also ask for a quote beforehand to know how much you’d have to pay. Give it a try today!