We’re A Team Of Passionate Recycling Industry Veterans With One Simple Mission...

To Deliver Exceptional Service And Put Our Customers First.

And that that’s exactly what we’ve doing doing for the past 20 years... That’s why over 2,000 Victorian businesses every week trust us to take care of their paper and cardboard recycling needs. So if you’re looking for a paper and cardboard recycling service that you can rely on, look no further! Call us now on 1300 883 449 and one of our friendly team members will assist you right away!

Why Choose AB Recycling?

Hopefully you agree that reliable service, up front pricing and convenient and flexible pick
up times are simply expected when hiring any recycling company.

No Contracts

We don't believe in locking people in to work with us. We back our great service to keep you around instead.

No Middle Men

Many of our competitors palm off their collections to other companies and middle men, we don't.

Big On Experience

We're largely staffed by recycling and logistics industry veterans with 20+ years of experience.

All The Bins You Need

You can always use your existing bins but if you need a new bin or more bins, we've got you covered.

Volume Discounts

Enjoy even lower pricing on collections if you have large volumes that you need picked up regularly.

99.7% Collection Rate

Rest easy knowing that your collections are being done by the most reliable team in the industry.

Over 2,000 Victorian Businesses Depend On AB Recycling


Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on our reviews on

Sue Ioannou

It has been a pleasure dealing with Australian Box Recycling, from the first phone call. Their service has been nothing but personable, reliable and efficient, and I am happy to recommend them to others.

David Sporkus

Excellent service, you get what you pay for in a good way. Called them up on a Monday afternoon to remove some excess carboard we had left over from a few deliveries. Within 15 minutes I had a quote and a confirmed time. A nice young man showed up, can’t remember his name, but very friendly. I would use this company again for sure.

Jessica Dadon

Excellent, affordable and honest service. We left the recycling outside along with an envelope with $50. I left a note saying please leave the change but was half expecting for them to take the whole thing. I was very impressed that I woke up to all the recycling gone from the nature strip, and a $20 sitting in the envelope.